Professional picture of me (white girl in 20s with long brown hair) in black dress, with my hair down.
Melinda Stock
Independent Kirby Representative
Expert Author
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Melinda started an opportunity with an Authorized Kirby Distributor in Central Florida in August of 2015. Through the training she learned a lot about home care and the harmful particles found in all homes. Part of her job is teaching the stuff she learned to Kirby customers. She feels the information, particularly on the importance of removing dust-mites from your mattress, and deep-cleaning carpet and upholstery to be of great importance. Everyone living in a modern home should be aware of the various particles that can ruin your health, floorings, and furniture; and how to best control the situation. Hence, the creation of this website, and her goal to help those who want to learn more about Kirby vacuum home care systems get the information they want.

Before this opportunity she graduated cum laude from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelors degree in History. Afterword, she spent nine months volunteering as a Kindergarten teacher in Ghana, West Africa. In 2010, she received my Masters degree in Library and Information Science. Through her education, she's been taught the importance of verifying information and presenting it in an unbiased way. She admits to being somewhat biased in her enthusiasm for Kirby vacuums. However, everything she's been taught about them, especially relating to the importance of cleaning harmful particles, she has thoroughly researched herself. She makes sure the information she presents to her customers is factual and try's her best to verify the information from an unbiased, and legitimate source.

She lives in central Florida with her husband. In her spare time she enjoys playing table-top games, spending time with her husband, and going to the various theme parks in the area. She wants to strive in the Kirby business and eventually own her own distributing office.